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Nemato Change a Life

success in life - for youth, by youth

(Nemato Change a Life was called Nemato Sports Federation till December 2011)

Nemato Change a Life empowers youth in Nelson Mandela Township. We want to
change the mindset, improve the skills and knowledge, and guide all our members individually in education and career to become successful in life. We are delighted when our members win in sport, but our programme is only successful when our members win in life!

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article by Rhodes Business School Director Prof Owen Skae in Leadership Magazine

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Our Empowerment Programme

We are delighted when our members win in sport, but our programme is only successful when our members win in life!
The members have five to six training sessions per week. From Sunday till Thursday the programme includes homework classes. Meals are available for the members seven days per week. We go all the way from pre-school to study and career support.

aiming for the top

homework class

skills development

computer and internet skills

  • Pre-school: get it right from the start
  • Mindset: wanting to win in life
  • Homework Class: daily classes for basic literacy and maths, and for homework support
  • Food Fund: year round daily feeding programme to improve health and growth of body and mind
  • President's Award: international youth programme with community service, skills, sport and adventurous journey
  • Career counselling: life orientation and career counselling to find study, job or business opportunities for each member
  • Hiv/Aids Awareness: athletes group promoting hiv/aids awareness
  • Computers, Internet, Library: access to computers, internet and books for learning, entertainment and connecting to the world
  • See the World: offer youth a chance to see the world with trips around the country and when possible abroad
  • More details about empowerment programme.

    Our sports clubs

    Nemato Rowing Club
    Nemato Rowing Club

    Nemato Gymnastics Club
    Nemato Gymnastics Club

    Nemato Handball Club
    Nemato Handball Club

    Nemato Fencing Club
    Nemato Fencing Club

    Our activities

    Have a look at some of the highlights of our activities.

    Our Facilities

    Our organisation has to work with very limited facilities:

    Nemato Change a Life classroom

    Nemato Change a Life office and computer room

    Nemato Rowing Club boat storage

    Nemato Rowing Club container

  • Office: It is a small 'RDP' house that houses our office, computer room, kitchen, workshop and more. Two people are living in the house. On a rainy day we manage to squeeze up to 40 kids into the house.
  • Classroom: Also a small RDP house. There is just enough space for our homework class.
  • Rowing Club: The club does not have a boathouse. The boats are stored outside. There is a container for storage of boat parts, as a repair workshop, kitchen and changing room.

  • Recognition

    Nemato Change a Life is proud to be recognised for its successful empowerment programme:

    launch by minister

    winning Jack Cheetham Award

    founder member Sport for Social Change Network - Southern Africa

    winning Eastern Cape Sports Award

    Visitors / Volunteers

    Visitors and volunteers are most welcome!

    Aaron Block from Seattle voluteered for half a year

    Eton College visiting us

    Annie Meltzer from Chicago volunteered for a month

    Visit us or live with us, experience African life and help our youth programme. You are welcome for any duration from a half an hour visit to spending your gap year with us. Come alone or bring your group. We show you around, and how about a township hike? And a beach and dunes hike? You want to train rowing on our beautiful Kowie River? Or do you prefer working with youth? Coaching sport? Rowing, gymnastics, handball or fencing? You are most welcome! Helping our homework class? Helping to run, expend and improve our programme and organisation? Please feel welcome. No qualifications needed, just some positive energy. We can organise you accommodation in the township. You'll be in caring hands of one of our parents, not more than a few houses away from our office. Whatever you choose, the African experience comes for free!

    Support us!

    We can't run our youth empowerment programme without you. We need your help!

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