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July 19, 1999 Volume 66 No 29

Port Alfred bred Raymond is an international entertainer

Port Alfred can duly be proud of home-boy Raymond Matinyana who is making a name for himself internationally in the performing arts.

On Monday night, Raymond and a band of international musicians entertained a local audience with his cabaret titles "Miss Thandi". It was the last performance of the current stint in South Africa and aptly it ended in Raymond's old home town. With his unique performance and stage personality, he has just completed a very successful run at the Grahamstown Festival.

Raymond is currently based in Holland. He performs all over Europe, in the United States and of course in South Africa. He aims at involving the audience in his shows.

Raymond believes that music can heal the soul and is passionate about enabling others to share in this process. By combining music and storytelling, he manages to create a unique blend of entertaining aptly called "Afrovibes".

Following onto his international success, Raymond formed the Afro Vibes Foundation. It is based in Holland and aims to enhance the relationship between South Africa and Holland through culture and education.


A benefit concert held in June raised enough money to enable the foundation to start up a scholarship Fund for Port Alfred youth who do not have enough money available to assist five students. A local committee will soon be established to manage the fund.

Raymond is also involved in a process of getting Port Alfred twinned with a town in Holland.

His family still live in Port Alfred. His mother Lillian and brother Lindela also attended his cabaret on Monday. His sister, Nomasomi, lives in Johannesburg and her two children were also present on Monday evening.

Raymond and his band presented two workshops at the Civic Centre, on Tuesday. The morning session was open to the public. The afternoon session saw Raymond putting the recently formed Port Alfred Steel Band though its paces.

Because time was limited, his aim was to inspire local talent to develop their skills. There is a saying "if you lose your dream you die".


Raymond believes that the youth of South Africa needs to aspire to something. He will also be encouraging "The Supremes", a very talented young local group.

Raymond hires professional musicians in Holland who accompany him in his enabling him to put on a very professional show.

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