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Nemato Gymnastics Show (19 December)

We had our first ever amazing fun Nemato Gymnastics Show. It was a highly entertaining show with dance, all sorts of stunts on the mini and black-top trampolines and on the mats. The Majorettes girls did a nice guest show with traditional dance. The gymnastics master piece was a four levels high human tower with the brave boy on top jumping down with a front flip. The stars of the show were: Siphamandla Baku, Liyama Nxopho, Sphelele Qozi, Bongani Qozi, Lihle Nxopho and Aphelele Makeleni. The choreography was done by Ashley Backward.

mini trampoline

the girls watching the boys

black top trampoline


South African Games (27 September - 1 October)

The five day trip of our gymnasts to South African Games in Gauteng was a great success. The results were far beyond our expectations. Only 9 month after starting our club, three of our gymnasts won medals at the highest level of gymnastics competition in South Africa: 2 silver and 1 gold!!!
Thanks to many generous donations we have been able to make the trip extra special with a lot of sightseeing in Gauteng. For most it was the first time to Gauteng.
The trip has been made possible by: Eastern Cape Gymnastics Association, Stenden South Africa, Rhodes University, Hendri Frankenfeld Architects and many generous personal donations.

competition venue

Bongani Qozi winning gold!

our team: 2 silver and 1 gold!

in Soweto, the Hector Pieterson Memorial

Eastern Cape Champs (13 August)

We were invited to the Eastern Cape Championships in Port Elizabeth, held at the Anderson Gymnastics Club. This competition showed that there is more to learn, but many coaches from other clubs were very impressed by our gymnasts' improvements. For our gymnasts, it was a happy medals day! After the competition we spoiled our champs at the Boardwalk, to see a bit more of Port Elizabeth.

Bringing home some medals for the second time

Spoiling our champs at Boardwalk

Holiday braai (12 June)

The Soccer World Cup holiday has started. Time to celebrate. A braai and treasure hunt for our rowers, gymnasts and soccer players.

 get ready for treasure hunt


EC Invitational (11 June)

Our first ever gymnastics competition: Eastern Cape Invitational in Port Elizabeth. A nice experience and lots of medals!


our team, our medals

New apparatus (27 May)

We received apparatus: a second landing mat, a double mini-trampoline and a blacktop trampoline. The club has enough equipment now to start a full training program.

putting the blacktop trampoline together

trying the the blacktop trampoline

Port Elizabeth (8 May 2010)

We were invited by the Eastern Cape Gymnastics Association for a training session in Port Elizabeth. We went with four couches and nine gymnasts. It was exiting and learningful day.

Jay-jay teaching streching technique

Jay-jay showing us how to jump up high


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