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Qhayiya (27 August)

Our fencer Qhayiya died tragically in a car accident at the young age of 14. We are trying to cope with this hard reality.

our fencer Qhayiya

Qhayiya's funeral

stepping stones towards success in life

Most youth spend twelve or more years in school. That's a very long time. How ready are you for success in life when you finish school, whether it's in a job or running your own business? How often do you use math and science in real life? Or biology, chemistry, and geography? At Nemato Change a Life you learn practical skills that contribute to success in life.

Sipiwo is doing an online Apps Script course

Onele is building our fish farm with cement

carpentry: we built this table ourselves

Phelo is doing a football coaching course

Sinoyolo is doing a firefighter course

Simthembile is building our workshop with sandbags

Hatched Ensemble (27 June)

The dramatic death of the artist Vuyo Raymond Matinyana in 2001 ultimately led to the birth of Nemato Change a Life. Now, 22 years later, Vuyo's friend Mamela Nyamza invited Nemato to the premiere of her new dance "Hatched Ensemble" at the National Arts Festival in Makhanda. The performance was a powerful and emotional experience, and it brought back memories of Vuyo's passion for the arts and his commitment to social justice.

Hatched Ensemble

in the monument for Hatched Ensemble

Robotics in Chicago (4-14 March)

Our members went to Chicago to participate in a robotics competition The "One Team Two Continents" robotics team from Chicago and Port Alfred finished building the robot they are ready and Excited.project by the Global Leading Light Initiatives.

our team working on their robot in Chicago

the One Team Two Continents robotics team in Chicago


Sport, education and career are important, but there is no success in life without mental wellbeing. We are now offering retreats, meditation, AA & NA, rehab and more. We are very fortunate to have excellent specialists donating their time and skills and teaching our members to take it forward.

holiday retreat by Bunie

Phelo at rehab, before helping others

Career Cafe (18 January)

The Mobile Career Cafe visited Nemato, helping our youth with skills and inspiration to get their careers going in 2023!

the Mobile Career Cafe at Nemato

the Mobile Career Cafe at Nemato

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