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our highlights

humble start (2009)
Jumps in the street by Siphamandla inspired us to start Nemato Gymnastics Club in 2009, without any knowledge of the sport. Siphamandla's first trampoline jumps
first national medals (2010)
We won our first national medals, but on the beginners mini trampoline. People talked about Nemato's raw talent. Nemato at National Championships
best on blacktop trampoline (2011)
Siphamandla became the best national blacktop trampoline gymnast. Nice, but how do we move to the big trampoline? Siphamandla the best on blacktop trampoline
Mandy's Gym challenged (2013)
The Department of Sport donated a trampoline to Mandy's Gym in PE and challenged them to get Nemato gymnasts overseas. Why is Nemato not going overseas?
Challenge accepted: Nemato at World Champs (2013)
Mandy accepted the challenge and Nemato started flying!! The same year Siphamandla went to the Junior World Champs in Bulgaria! Mandy and Siphamandla in Bulgaria
Siphamandla our first National Champion (2013)
Siphamandla also became our first National Champion on double mini trampoline in the age group 15-16. Siphamandla National Champion
Onke wins first international medals for Nemato (2013)
Onke went to the Zone 6 Championships in Zimbabwe and came home with Nemato's first international medals. Onke on his way to Zimbabwe
Onke DMT National Champion (2014)
Onke won Gold at the National Championships on double mini trampoline, age group 13-14. Onke with Gold on double mini trampoline
Liyema in Namibia (2014)
Liyema represented South Africa At the Zone 6 Championships in Namibia and came home with a bronze and gold medal. Liyema (right) in SA Zone 6 Team
Onke Victor Ludorum (2015)
Onke beat all junior and senior gymnasts on trampoline to win the Victor Ludorum Trophy at the National Championships. Onke with Victor Ludorum Trophy
Onke & Khanyile at World Champs (2015)
Onke and Khanyile represented South African at the Junior World Championships in Denmark. Onke and Khanyile in cold and dark Denmark
Onke African Champion (2016)
Onke won this year on double mini: Silver at Youth Commonwealth Games and Gold at African and South African Champs. Odwa rowing in England
Khanyile won Gold in New Zealand (2016)
Five Nemato gymnasts competed at the Indo-Pacific Championships in New Zealand. Khanyile won Gold on double mini trampoline. sightseeing in Hong Kong on the way to New Zealand
Onke won trampoline award (2016)
Onke Mangele won the 2016 South African Junior Trampoline Gymnast of the Year Award. Onke with trampoline award
Three National Champions (2017)
For the first time we have three Junior National Champions: Onke, Liyema and Siyabulela. Siyabulela is one of our three National Champions
Four Nemato gymnasts at World Champs (2017)
Onke, Liyema, Khanyile and Siyabulela competed at the Junior World Champs (World Age Groups) in Bulgaria. four Nemato gymnasts in Bulgaria

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