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be nice - be fit - be a hard worker - be educated - be skilled - be a changemaker

be a changemaker

be a leader, an organiser and know the world

The worldwide network of social entrepreneur Ashoka has identified being a changemaker as the most important skill for youth to be prepared for the future. Although there is a lot to do for changemakers in challenging environments like our township, there is little encouragement from the community, and institutions are often not very supportive of local initiatives. On the other hand, the many challenges offer great opportunities to develop a changemaker mindset and persistent leaders have the benefit of little competition. Nemato Change a Life is for youth, by youth. Running the programme, making the decisions, addressing challenges, leading, organising, teaching, coaching. It's all in the hands of the members. It empowers, strengthens self esteem, and nurtures change making

The township is a small world, opening up a bigger, more exciting world is crucial to grow an mindset of change making. We use a wide variety of Youtube videos and we travel as much and as far as we can. We are proud that we even have been able to offer members opportunities to travel overseas.

be a changemaker
be a changemaker
travel the country and the world
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