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be skilled

skills and career

Most youth growing up in townships get little opportunities to develop practical skills. Statistics South Africa: "Within the black African 25 - 34 age group, the skilled proportion of employment decreased." (report page 27) In all other race and age groups skilled employment increased between 1994 and 2014. A worrying development. Our members get lots of opportunities to develop skills. Besides social, organisational and leadership skills, covered by other elements of our programme, we also offer computer and technical skills. Our computer skills range from hardware and software maintenance, user skills to computer programming. Technical skills our members can learn are for example repair of rowing boats (carbon, kevlar, resin), welding, maintenance of fencing weapons and basic plumbing, carpentry and electrical. We see members excel in jobs through the wide range of skills and a mindset of high commitment they got in our programme.

career bridge
Youth unemployment among black Africans stands at 39.4% (Stats SA report page 38). The step from education into a job is a difficult one. To help our members, they can volunteer in our organisation to improve technical, organisational and office skills and we offer them learning opportunities outside our organisation, what often leads to jobs.

computer skills
getting computer skills
playing chess
building a wall with sandbags
doing the bookkeeping
walking the slackline
playing the keyboard
computer hardware
fixing computers
fixing fencing weapons
fixing fencing weapons

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