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year by year 2018

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Building our centre

Our new building was opened earlier in the year, but there is still a lot of work to be done. The members are now learning how to build and doing the work.

filling up the walls with sand bags

electrical wiring

2500 Facebook likes (28 November)

We reached 2500 likes on our Facebook page.

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College and University registration

Our office is available for youth to register at colleges and universities. We also organised a few trips during the year to Port Elizabeth for registration.

registration at PE College

registration at College and University

Solar installation

Our solar power system was installed today. Still some work to be done, but we are saying good bye to dirty coal electricity from Eskom and welcome to free power from the sun!

solar power system

solar power system

Alternative to Violence (16-17 November)

The Alternative to Violence Project is for the first time at Nemato. Much needed in our violent community! The programme was developed in New York's youth prisons and is now used all around the world.

Alternative to Violence Programme

Alternative to Violence Programme

Career Expo (31 October)

The PE TVET College team came to Port Alfred for the Ndlambe Career Expo (a Nemato Change a Life event). Thanks to the Ndlambe Municipality for the lunch and the Titi Jonas Multi Purpose Centre for the facility!

Nemato Career Expo

Nemato Career Expo

KFC Add Hope visit (24 October)

KFC, our Add Hope food donor, visited us and spoiled us! finger lickin' good

KFC Add Hope visit

KFC Add Hope visit

Biblionef book donation (20 October)

We received a large donation of books from Biblionef. To thank for the donation, we did community service: we helped the pre-school around the corner to get their vegetable garden back on track.

books donated by Biblionef

community service

ECD training

Throughout the year township preschool teachers received free Early Childhood Development (ECD) training in a wide range of subjects from food preparation to addressing child abuse. The programme was offered by Early Inspiration in Port Elizabeth and funded by The Learning Trust. JAM International has also come on board with feeding and veggie gardens support.

Early Childhood Development training

Early Childhood Development training

Nemato Youth Park

We are dreaming big: Nemato Youth Park. For the Nemato Gymnastics Academy and much more! If we can make this happen, it'll change our community forever!

Nemato Youth Park

Nemato Youth Park

Addo Elephant Park (11 August)

Our special trip for our most active (gold) members was to Addo Elephant Park. We saw elephants, a buffalo, lions, and much more.

trip to Addo Elephant Park

trip to Addo Elephant Park

Lifa in Germany (1 August)

Lifa Nxobo arrived in Germany for a one year volunteer exchange programme.

Lifa in Germany

Lifa in Berlin

Damian at Raizcorp (7 June)

On average only 1 out of 40 applicants passes the tests to get accepted for the business training by Raizcorp. Well done and congratulations to Damian, he made it! One of his projects is to finish the new Nemato Change a Life building.

Damian at Raizcorp

New building (31 May)

The new Nemato Change a Life building is open. Still a lot of work to be done, but at least we have much needed space now.

first lesson in the new building

many ways to use our new building

Numeracy Chair (10 April)

We had a numeracy workshop by Debbie from the South African Numeracy Chair, a project by Rhodes University. It was at Dambuza Primary School for teachers from our local township schools. It's a milestone for Nemato Change a Life: it's the first event we organised to assist our schools.

numeracy workshop for teachers

Amanzi Festival (30 March - 8 April)

Nemato Change a Life participated in the Amanzi Festival in Port Alfred during the Easter holiday. Visitors could try fencing and the trampoline. We organised a beach handball tournament and Pumlanie was the only black participant in the rubber duck races. In a highly emotional event he received a price from Royal St Andrew's Hotel owner Martin Bekker.

trampoline at the Amanzi Festival
beach handball at the Amanzi Festival
Pumlanie in the rubber duck races

Pumlanie winning a price as only black rubber duck races

Skate park (7 March)

The award winning Royal St Andrews Hotel in Port Alfred donated us the ramps of a skate park that closed down in George. Fright Solutions donated the very challenging transport. The ramps arrived on the 7th of March. The next challenges are the maintenance of the ramps and finding land for the skate park.

transport of the skate ramps

maintenance of the skate ramps

Work 4 A Living

We are now offering the Work 4 A Living course to our members. It's job readiness training that gives people social and practical skills to become successful in job interviews and work.

Work 4 A Living course

Unity Camp (24-25 February)

We had a Unity Camp at Hobbiton with many fun activities teaching the benefits of team work and supporting each other.

Unity Camp

Unity Camp

Surfing & Skating

Two of our main holiday activities: surfing and skating. Thanks to David for



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