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year by year 2019

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Volunteer Pepita

Volunteer Pepita from Australia is helping us with holiday activities and the rowing beginners course.

holiday activities by volunteer Pepita

beginners course by volunteer Pepita

Add Hope (16 November)

As proud Add Hope beneficiary, we were invited to the annual KFC Master Cook Competition in East London.

President's Award event in Queenstown

ECD Association meeting (14 November)

We had the meeting of the Early Childhood Development Association Ndlambe East this morning. Nemato Change a Life runs the office for the association.

ECD meeting

President's Awards (2 November)

We attended the President's award ceremony in Queenstown. We had 6 members who got their certificates and medals for doing community service, adventurous journey, skills development and sport.

President's Award event in Queenstown

Building skate ramp

We started setting up our skate ramp. Many thanks to Dave and Chris for bringing in the skills and leading the process, and many thanks to the Nemato members for helping with this heavy job!

building our skateramp

building our skateramp

Gold members trips

We have reintroduced monthly gold members trips to reward the most committed members for working hard. We visited the Big Pineapple in Bathurst, the indoor trampoline park in East London and other places.

Big Pineapple in Bathurst

indoor trampoline park in East London

Nemato Change a Life jackets (2 October)

Nemato Change a Life jackets donated by the Mike Thomson Change a Life Trust.

Change a Life jackets

Two Quantums (30 September)

Can you believe it... two Quantums for Nemato Change a Life by the Mike Thomson Change a Life Trust!

two Change a Life Quantums

Filming for Change a Life (16 September)

Filming today for our main funder the Mike Thomson Change a Life Trust.

filming for Change a Life

filming for Change a Life

finishing our building

We are working on finishing our building, work like plastering and painting. Most of the work is done by our members.

we painted our classrooms


Donation (31 August)

This is so great: somebody donated us all this! Many thanks, donations are always welcome!

all donated

Turning Point (August)

Lunga and Khanyile went through the deep experience of Turning Point, a course by the Insight Training Centre in Johannesburg, to help overcome the pains of the past and to fully develop the potential as human being. Many thanks to our board member Bunie for guiding the boys through the process.

Turning Point

Social Development workshop (12 August)

A workshop by the Department of Social Development for our members about the challenges of growing up in our township.

Social Development workshop

Social Development workshop

Club t-shirts

Great club t-shirts donated by the Mike Thomson Change a Life Trust, our main funder.

club t-shirts

Lifa back from Germany (1 August)

Good bye Germany and welcome home to Lifa, after a year on a volunteer exchange programme, where he discovered his passion for photography.

Lifa leaving Germany

Lifa's photography in Germany

Nemato Career Day (31 July)

Presentation by Walter Sisulu University (WSU) for high school learners at our annual Nemato Career Day. The speaker is former Matinyana Fund student and WSU Director Sylvanus Welcome.

Nemato Career Day

Sylvanus Welcome at Nemato Career Day


Plastic, PET, cardboard, we are sorting out our recycling, because caring about our future without caring about the world doesn't make sense.


Our maths class

We try to make our maths class 'real' and active.

reflection in maths class

active maths class

Ndlambe FM (1 July)

Nemato Change a Life at Ndlambe FM.

Ndlambe MF


We made a chess board for members to learn to play chess.

self-made chess board

After-class maths

Our maths class is based on grade 9, but after our class we do higher level maths, like the basics of calculus. We also played around with compound interest to calculate the expansion of the universe.

basic calculus

calculating the expansion of the universe

Ramps to Skate Ubuntu (13 June)

Faced with lack of space and rust here at the coast, we decided to donate our small skate ramps to Skate Ubuntu in Makhanda. Thanks to J.E. Cartage for helping out with transport. We are going to set up our big half pipe skate ramp at our place.

skate ramps for Skate Ubuntu

skate ramps for Skate Ubuntu

Nemato Skateboarding Club (7 June)

We officially established Nemato Skateboarding Club, accepted the constitution and elected the board members.

Nemato Skateboarding Club

Holiday activities

Fun activities during the holiday.

candle art

walking the slackline

FutureLife donation (29 May)

Many thanks to FutureLife and the Eastern Cape Academy of Sport for the large donation of FutureLife porridge!

FutureLife donation

Narconon at Nemato (3 May)

Robert and his team introduced the Narconon drugs awareness programme to the Nemato Change a Life members.

Narconon at Nemato

Narconon at Nemato


At our weekly gyms on Monday, we joined the #choose2bactive campaign by the Sport for Social Change Network and the Department of Sport.



Painting our logo (29 March)

We used our projector to draw the Nemato Change a Life logo on the wall, and turned our place into an outdoor movie theatre afterwards.

paining	our logo

outdoor movie theatre


Reading our books, donated by Biblionef and FunDza.

reading our bed books

reading class

Solar cooking

We are moving from cooking on gas to electrical on free and clean solar power. Kettle, industrial induction stove (very fast!) and stainless steel pot are donated by the Wolwevers Church and Willy in the Netherlands.

cooking on free solar power

Skype class

Great initiative by Vitus from Goettingen/Germany: weekly Skype maths lessons for our learners in the highest grades.

Skype maths with Germany

Clothes donation

Thanks a lot for the donation of school clothes. Donations are always welcome!!!

donation of school clothes


We do photography as one of our activities. Here we play with aperture. Lifa has become strong at photography.

playing with aperture

Lifa's photography

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