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year by year 2021

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Christmas Day (25 December)

Christmas braai at Nemato Change a Life.

christmas day

Civic Centre Arts Day (16 December)

We had a nice Arts Day at the Civic Centre Hall with music, poetry, painting and more.

civic centre arts day

civic centre arts day

fly and fish farm

We started a small fly farm and prepared a tank and filtration system to start fish farming.

fly farm

fish tank and filter

career skills

We started offering members individual career focussed skills training opportunities.

Asonele training for chef at the Royal St Andrews Hotel

Manase training for snake handler

piano lessons for Lihle

Ashley training for crane driver

Nemato Arts Club (23 November)

We officially started Nemato Arts Club with the signing of the constitution. This was after painter Steven Xakawe started working at Nemato Change a Life and doing drawing and painting classes here.

Nemato Arts Club

painter Steven Xakawe

Breeze (6 November)

The Breeze Youth Resilience Workshop by Dieudonné Allo and Bunie M Matlanyane Sexwale.

Breeze Youth Resilience Workshop

Tanks coding

We are doing Tanks coding: a great way to learn the basics of coding without computers by Prof Jean Greyling of Nelson Mandela University. Members who completed the course were invited by Prof Greyling for a nice awards event at Graze by the River.

Tanks coding

certificates handed over by Prof Greyling

re-opening class (15 February)

After a long lockdown we have reopened our daily numeracy and math classes. We started with a test to see how rusty our math is.

numeracy class

maths class

online robotics course

Three members started an online course in robotics today. We were invited by Global Leading Light Initiatives and the course is facilitated by Jacqueline Moore of the Chicago Knights: Chicago, USA, and Nelson Mandela Township, South Africa, connected by Zoom.

online robotics course

XPO Civils and Construction doing our tiling (January)

XPO Civils and Construction is tiling our toilets. This company is started and owned by our member Damian.

XPO Civils and Construction doing our tiling

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